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We offer a degree that is an industrial stream, advanced, collaborative graduate Training program in Big Text Data (TRIBE). Big Text Data involves collections of texts in natural language (such as article abstracts, blogs, emails, medical reports, tweets) that are so large and complex that they are difficult to process and digest using traditional text analytics techniques.

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Lulu Huang

Feature Student: Lulu Huang

Lulu Huang started her undergraduate degree in China. After listening to a presentation by Dr. Phil Cox on joint degree opportunities, she decided to finish her degree at Dal. Although language presented a challenge and it took a little while to get caught up with classwork, the courses were very appealing to her. During Lulu’s last year of her undergraduate degree, she particularly enjoyed data mining, natural language processing, and completed a research project on text mining and visualization.

Originally, Lulu’s idea was to get a job after graduating. After strong encouragement and sound advice from Dr. Evangelos Milios and Dr. Stan Matwin, she became inspired to further her studies. When the opportunity arose to complete a master’s degree in big text data under the supervision of Dr. Matwin, she took it with enthusiasm and started her graduate studies in September. Her graduate studies are in collaboration with a major care provider company.

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